Outsourcing of production
and sub-assembly of cable harnesses

What is outsourcing and how does it work?
The term outsourcing is an abbreviation for outside-resource-using. In practice, it means using external sources and involves delegating tasks, functions, projects and stages for execution by an external partner on the basis of cooperation.

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Outsourcing of cable harness production

During more than 10 years of operation, we have completed many successful outsourcing projects. Thanks to cooperation with small and medium-sized Customers, we have successfully gained knowledge and experience to meet the needs of even the most demanding Customers, because each and every one of them needs a tailor-made solution!

What enables us to produce cable harnesses for every market and application is primarily our professional approach to the fulfilment of orders entrusted to us and the use of modern technologies. We treat each order individually and act in accordance with previously agreed guidelines so as to meet your needs in 100 percent. The key aspects of our work are quality, reliability and efficiency of production, and thanks to such a solution as outsourcing, we can also focus on strategic activities in other areas during the implementation of a project, which further improves its progress.

Innovative approach

Our innovative approach to each instance of cooperation is based on the fulfilment of specific requirements and adaptation to Customers’ needs. As your outsourcing partner – always properly prepared – we will react to dynamic changes on the market. Therefore, we are always up to date with current practices and innovations in order to provide you with a product that meets all standards and expectations. By cooperating on dozens of various projects in many fields, we systematically increase our knowledge base, experience and our Best Practice collection, which make each subsequent instance of cooperation even more carefully thought out, and thus – more effective!

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The key advantages of outsourcing at the Cordify Group
  • pre-assembly / sub-assembly of bundles in auxiliary elements, holders and devices,
  • more than a decade of production of custom cable harnesses,
  • representative offices in England and Sweden,
  • support in the area of logistics of accompanying components,
  • complete production solutions,
  • involvement in communication and interaction with the Customer,
  • a carefully selected team of highly qualified people,
  • we operate in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system.

Trust in our experience

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