Agricultural industry

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Necessary knowledge and skills

Experts at the Cordify Group have the knowledge and skills necessary to manufacture custom cables and wires for agricultural equipment and systems. All our products are designed and built to order so as to fulfil the specific performance requirements of our Customers while meeting the highest quality standards.

Challenges related to the manufacture of cables and wires for the agricultural industry

Requirements related to durability / flexibility

Agricultural equipment is often exposed to harsh operating and environmental conditions – such as extreme temperatures, abrasive or corrosive compounds and ultraviolet (UV) radiation. In addition, most machines contain many moving parts. As a result, the wires and cables used in agricultural machinery need to be very durable and flexible to withstand long-term use without malfunctioning and without sustaining damage or degradation. The choice of professional equipment allows you to reduce the costs associated with the maintenance and replacement of individual components of the devices, also decreasing the number of failures and amount of downtime.

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The most commonly occurring types of damage to cable harnesses of agricultural machines are:

Wire breakage – typical damage for attachable machinery and trailers. Incorrectly secured cables or the operator’s inattention may result in the breakage of installation cables, which in turn leads to a lack of power supply to electrical receivers.

Insulation damage – causes short circuits and current breakdowns, which result in improper operation of the receivers leading to their damage.

Corrosion – oxidation of wires, which is not always visible, but causes a lot of problems with diagnosis and effective repair.

Incorrect use – the most common mistakes are mechanical damage, dirt in the installation, flooding, and bad attachment of the cables to the structure of the machine or device.

Bespoke solutions

Wires and cables are used in many types of agricultural machines, despite their different design, purpose and operational requirements. While many standard products are available for these applications, in some situations, such as machines with very critical, specific or exceptional requirements, you should opt for an unconventional solution. In such cases, our specialists at the Cordify Group will be happy to help you!

Comprehensive approach

By offering our Customers individually adjusted services in the field of consulting, production and assembly, we can guarantee a wiring or cabling solution that will fulfil their requirements as well as comply with industry specifications and standards to the maximum. Regardless of whether the product is installed in a combine harvester, irrigation system, pump or other agricultural machine, our company offers a comprehensive approach to the fulfilment of orders, even the more demanding ones

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