Electrical devices
and industrial automation

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Durable and reliable wiring systems

Regardless of the method of operation, automation systems require a power supply and two-way data transmission (to and from the working element). Importantly, the majority of modern automation elements are related to electrical devices. Therefore, responsive and sophisticated electronics require durable and reliable cable systems that can withstand high mechanical stresses and repetitive automated movements.

The right choice of wiring is the key to success

Automation is widely used in production, e.g. in packaging, food and beverage processing, car manufacturing and other production lines based on a similar mode of operation. High-quality cables and components guarantee durable and reliable systems, which allow for reduction of the risk of failure or downtime of the production line.

wiązki kablowe w automatyce

When designing cabling in automation systems, attention should be paid primarily to the conditions in which the device will be operated and the factors that it will be exposed to. As a result, specific solutions and components can be adapted so as to maximally optimise the device to perform its functions. Factors that should be taken into account are primarily:



mechanical stresses

chemical agents

electromagnetic interference

Cooperation with the Cordify Group – why choose us?

Cable harnesses, which are our specialty, are used in many areas of life, including automation and electrical devices, because they are indispensable in the construction of such devices and industrial lines. The products we offer are made of the highest quality materials and components that are not harmful to the environment in which the given harness will be installed.

We assure you that cooperation with the Cordify Group means short lead times, competitive prices, reliability, efficiency and professionalism, as well as flexibility, which allows us to adapt each stage of the order to fulfil the needs and requirements of our Customers.

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