Control cabinets
and electromechanical assemblies

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Comprehensive order handling

In order to make good use of our knowledge and experience, we offer our Customers the assembly of control cabinets and electromechanical components. This solution includes: the design, instrumentation, as well as supply of all necessary materials. What’s more, we also make dedicated wiring for control cabinets and carry out their commissioning. Proper assembly is essential for the safety and proper operation of control cabinets and electromechanical units. Cooperation with qualified personnel from the Cordify Group is a guarantee that the structure of the built-in cabinet will protect the power distribution systems against the harmful influence of their environment or the actions of unauthorised persons.

Control cabinets are responsible for controlling, regulating, measuring and monitoring machines and systems.

Excellence of the product

The entire Cordify Group team engages in close cooperation with Customers to plan and execute specific activities during the fulfilment of an order. Carrying out an interview allows us to get to know the needs of our Customers and, in consequence – find suitable solutions. We also constantly emphasise product excellence and the use of our maximum production capacity. Control cabinets are a great way to organise and protect complex and diverse apparatus and devices (electromechanical, electrical, electronic, pneumatic and programmable). It is therefore vital that such devices meet all safety criteria, while being functional and adjusted to a specific task.

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szafy sterownicze
The main features of our products are:
  • wiring and assembly based on documentation,
  • professionally printed and labelled components,
  • support in the area of programming and commissioning of control systems (PLC controllers),
  • assembly of the product, both ours and products entrusted to us,
  • operation in compliance with the IPC/WHMA-A-620 standard,
  • possession of the necessary certificates confirming high quality and operation in accordance with applicable standards,
  • a final inspection in accordance with the specifications of the device,
  • a dedicated consultant.

Trust in our experience

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