Photovoltaic system

Renewable energy is one of the segments of the energy industry, providing the possibility of energy production with no damage done to the natural environment. This is achieved by converting solar radiation into electricity, as solar cells, when exposed to light, generate direct current that is sent to an inverter. When designing such a system, it is thus extremely important to plan every element and detail of the device. Through cooperation with professionals, you can rest assured that both the products and services we offer are top quality, which is confirmed by certificates, our experience gained over many years, and satisfied Customers’ opinions!

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Superior quality cables and wiring systems

The development of green technologies has led to progress in creating more sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. Technology that is more environmentally aware helps conserve resources and combat the widespread and damaging effects of global climate change.

The right choice of wiring

Green technology is a broad topic that includes renewable energy, environmental monitoring, electric vehicles, energy storage, and more. At the Cordify Group, we support the design and development of sustainable technologies with our cabling and wiring solutions. The correct choice of wiring for a photovoltaic installation determines the safety and reliability of its operation for many years.

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The main requirements for such installations and systems are presented below.

UV radiation resistance

resistance to mechanical damage

resistance to humidity

resistance to oils and chemical agents

operation in a wide temperature range

Trust in our experience

Green technology requires high-quality cables and wiring systems to ensure excellent performance and reliability. Our customers rely on the expertise of the Cordify Group in order to meet the cabling requirements of their green solutions and applications.

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