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Cable harnesses
for the lighting industry

Currently, we are dealing with a very dynamic development of LED lighting, which dominates the market, displacing traditional lighting solutions. It is an energy-saving technology in line with pro-ecological global trends. Obsolete lighting, regardless of its application, can generate unnecessary additional costs, so modernisation and the use of innovative technologies simply pay off!

Modern lighting solutions

We can observe an increasing demand for LED technology and modern lighting solutions, as well as intelligent lighting management systems. The progressive digitisation in this area also entails an increase in the demand for efficient and reliable wiring connections, i.e. cable harnesses connecting lighting systems into one whole, ensuring many years of reliable operation. A correctly selected cable will reduce voltage drops that may be caused by its length, therefore the type of LED strip we use may affect our choice of a suitable type of cable.

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Harnesses for the lighting / LED industry

When choosing a wire for LED lighting, it is important to remember about its appropriate thickness, which is important for reasons of safety of both the entire installation and the light sources that are installed in it. If the cross section of the wire is too small, humming or high-pitched sound may be produced in controllers, amplifiers or power supplies. An incorrectly selected wire may also cause interference in the operation of nearby mobile phones, wireless networks, or radio and television. Thus, an improperly selected wire will reduce the comfort of using the lighting, and expose us to the costs of repairing its failure.

We are aware that this kind of modernisation can be complicated, which is why we offer professional help and advice at every stage of the order fulfilment process, from planning, through execution, to service after the finalisation of the project. As a result, we can adjust our offer to specific needs and requirements, and consequently, the group of our regular and satisfied Customers is constantly growing. By offering our Customers personalised consulting, production and assembly services, we ensure that they will receive a wiring or cabling solution that will meet industry specifications, standards and customer requirements in 100 percent, regardless of what lighting system or device the solution will be installed in.

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