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Cable harnesses
of the highest class

At the Customer’s request, we can make harnesses of the highest class III of the IPC 610/620 Class III standard, which defines electronic products with high reliability. It is worth trusting us – the Cordify Group, because the choice of professionals is a guarantee of well-made and robust products that will serve for years. We have many years of experience in the production of custom cables and wiring harnesses for our partners in many areas, such as medical devices. Medical devices, including treatment and diagnostic devices, in addition to power cable harnesses that supply electricity, also require the use of cable harnesses for information transmission (controlling the devices, transmission of data gathered by sensors, cameras or probes, and direct transmission of information to a computer or another device).

In medicine, there is no room for mistakes

Very often, you can encounter the interchangeable use of the terms “cable” and “wire”, which do not have the same meaning. Simply put, every cable is a wire, but not every wire is a cable. A wire is an electrical element through which electricity is conducted. A cable, on the other hand, is an assembly of wires, consisting of one or more conductors with individual insulation, bundled in a sheath. If you know this difference, you will be able to avoid mistakes in the future and distinguish between these 2 concepts. In the case of medical equipment, there is also no room for mistakes. In order to ensure optimal patient care and safety, the devices must operate with 100 percent effectiveness at all times. The selection of the appropriate equipment will allow you to reduce the risk of failure and problems with the reliability of devices. This is why it is so important to produce cables of this type with special care and under careful supervision.

wiązki kablowe w medycynie

Solutions for the medical and laboratory industry

Regardless of whether it is the wiring of muscle electrostimulation devices, cable and wire assemblies for medical sterilisers, or other applications, the Cordify Group is at your disposal. As we strive for perfection in the organisation and coordination of individual stages of each project, from initial planning, through production, distribution, to the final inspection, you can be sure that we will not overlook any important detail. If an element is important for you, we will definitely take it into account!

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