Cable harnesses in the construction industry

Cable harnesses are an indispensable product that appears in many industries, including construction. During construction works, it is often necessary to connect the component parts of a device or system by means of formed wire harnesses – terminated with connectors. The choice of the right equipment is a guarantee of reliability, efficiency and durability. As the construction industry is one of the fastest growing areas of the economy, it is no wonder that many innovative solutions appear in this area in order to meet the Customers’ expectations better and better.

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Safety is our priority

In electrical devices and systems installed in public buildings, special attention must be paid to safety. Should there be a fire, it may spread very quickly in a building, also through the electrical installation. This is why the Cordify Group provides you with products that meet the highest safety requirements as well as comply with specifications and standards of the construction industry. Because of this, they can be applied and utilised even in very demanding conditions. Many years of our experience, the obtained certificates and opinions of satisfied Customers with whom we have cooperated are a guarantee of fruitful cooperation!

Adequate harnesses mean safety

The behaviour of cables and wires in building installations as well as in control devices is of great importance. This is why it is so vital to use appropriate materials, cables and halogen-free wires, i.e. those that do not contain chlorine, fluorine, iodine and bromine. During a fire, they are characterised by low smoke emissions as well as low toxicity and corrosivity, which reduce the risk of poisoning, thus decreasing the negative effects of a failure.

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Halogen-free cables and safety wiring are recommended to be used primarily in public buildings and where property of significant value needs to be protected, such as in:

  • hospitals,
  • airports,
  • shopping centres,
  • metro and surface railway stations,
  • power stations and industrial plants with high value and high risk potential,
  • mines, shipyards,
  • emergency power supply installations, alarm systems, operating rooms,
  • lighting and lifts.

The European Commission implements legal provisions common to the entire European Union that impose the obligation to classify construction products in terms of fire resistance and, above all, define test methods for cables that are intended for installation in buildings. At the Cordify Group, we ensure control at every stage of the order fulfilment, taking full responsibility for the products that we offer to our Customers.

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